The 4-Year Old's Guide to Austin, Texas

The 4-Year Old's Guide to Austin, Texas


South Congress Street - emphasis on South. We accidentally started on the wrong end (in downtown), which was a snooze. I mean, there were some cool shops, but it's no comparison to the quirky, funky vibe of the south. Highlights: Torchy's Tacos and  taking pics with super heroes in front of costume shop.

Zilker Park - Zephyr Train (this was very boring for the parents, but so COOL for kiddos), Blues on the Green (free snacks everywhere!), Shrek in the Park (bring your own blanket or low backed chair, avoid sitting next to stinky feet).


Barton Springs at Zilker Park - Bring your chair, your cooler and your bathing suit. You pay $8 to visit the famous Barton Springs Pool just feet away from where this photo was taken, for a more filtered (less algae experience). We were being frugal and were completely satisfied with cooling down with the locals. 

Hope Outdoor Gallery - Climb to the top and feel like a champ with the panoramic view of Downtown Austin and peep the cool castle like building behind the gallery - we think it was a law firm or something.


Hey Cupcake! - Have your mom buy you a really expensive and tasty double fudge at 10am. You'll be hyped until about 1pm.

Pizza at Gino's East - Go here for a quality pie, but be warned it does take at least 30 - 45 minutes to bake, so skip if you're in a hurry. Worth the wait for sure. Another plus, the when the kids grab their crayons and write on the wall nobody gets in trouble.

Taco Deli - Bean Taco, son! Extra chips on the side. With that delicious watermelon drink. Parentals try the green salsa coined 'green crack' by locals, chips and a side of queso.


Alamo Draft House - Kids movie days + lemonade, plus weird cat video trailers are the best. Plus, in the summer it's a great place to cool down and quiet the kids and grab a beer if you desire.


Pecan Grove RV Park - Not many kids around to be honest, but it's a quaint community of RV lifers that are very friendly. It's an amazing spot to stay in with walkable things to do everywhere. A local told us that this is the spot Matthew McConaughey was picked high shrooms in the nude playing the bongos?


Chuys - Fun atmosphere, cool art and wooden fish dangling from the ceiling, giant burritos and a help yourself chip bar! Highlight for parents: beer, margaritas and AC (we went in the summer when we thought we would pass out of heat exhaustion). 

Texas State Capitol - Kill some time here and wear the kids out by climbing the beautiful wooden carved stair case all the way to the top! Pro tip - ask for the kids brochure/map to Texas.

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