Thanks for visiting! I started this blog to share my travels. To some traveling may be all adventure and excitement. For me, there's usually a lot of planning, overthinking and some anxiety visiting new places. Here you won't find me sugar coating the ins and outs of my road trips, traveling with a 5 year old and other things I find worrisome while exploring.

I'm Virginia, an artist and designer who just moved to Northern California. I run a design studio called Third & Brand.

In 2016, we sold all our stuff, left our home, friends and relatives and embarked on a 100 day journey across the United States. Why you ask? Because we could. Our son was young and not yet in school, we could pretty much work from anywhere and I'm obsessed with tiny homes, minimalism, full-time RV'ing and taking on new strange projects. So this all made sense. Plus, most of our belongings were acquired from thrift shops, dumpster dives or given as hand me downs, so purging our things was not a big deal.

We ended our trek at the end of last year and decided to settle back down in Sacramento and we've been there ever since. Still traveling when we can taking fun day trips and camping here and there. We won a kayak last year on Instagram contest and can't wait to test it out!

Here on the blog, I will share real stories from the road, museum reviews, reports on what it's like to travel with a family. Please share with me, what you'd like to read about.

If you'd like to meet us on the road or work with us, feel free to drop us a line at anytime. 

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